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If you’d like to understand why J4MB is campaigning for the human rights of men and boys you should read this, in which we identify 20 areas where the state assaults the human rights of men and boys – and girls, for that matter, when denied access to their fathers following family breakdowns – through its actions and inactions. We plan to publish our 2015 general election manifesto on this website at the end of November.

We consider the denial of fathers’ access to their children following family breakdowns to be nothing less than state-sanctioned emotional abuse of fathers, children, grandparents and others. There are no areas in which the state assaults the human rights of women. The state advantages women over men in many areas, although men collectively pay 72% of the income taxes which largely finance the state.

We’ll be standing in at least three adjacent highly marginal seats near Nottingham at the 2015 general election – Ashfield, Sherwood, and Broxtowe. Mike Buchanan will be standing in Ashfield, the seat of Gloria de Piero, Shadow Minister for Women & Equalities, who won the seat with a margin of only 192 votes at the 2010 general election. Ian Young, who has long lived in Hucknall, will be standing in Sherwood, while Ray Barry – leader of Real Fathers for Justice – will be standing in Broxtowe. On 9 November 2014 we published a detailed piece about our strategy for the next general election – here.

We’re currently seeking individuals to stand in three other nearby constituencies. The first two (Nottingham South, Gedling) were won by Labour in 2010 with fewer than 2,000 votes, while the third (Loughborough) - only 17 miles south of Nottingham – is the seat of Nicky Morgan, Minister for Women & Equalities. If you have an interest in standing for J4MB in any of these constituencies, please contact Mike Buchanan. He can be contacted by email – – or on his mobile, 07967 026163.

Nobody connected with J4MB derives any income from donations to the party, and our campaigning inevitably costs money. If you’re able to support our work financially, even in a small way, we should be most grateful. You can make a donation here. Thank you.

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J4MB announces a new candidate, and a new strategy, for the 2015 general election

We are proud to announce the appointment of Ian Young, a resident of Hucknall, a town seven miles to the north of Nottingham, as our third election candidate for the 2015 general election. He’ll be standing in the Sherwood constituency, where he has long lived. Ian is a highly respected person in the area, and his nomination as a J4MB candidate has just been reported in a well-written piece in the Hucknall Dispatch. Historically Sherwood has generally been a safe Labour seat but Mark Spencer, a Conservative candidate, won the seat in 2010 with a majority of just 214 votes.

Ian is well-known as a survivor of domestic violence, and an advocate for male victims of domestic violence. He was recently interviewed at length on BBC Radio Nottingham – here. His contact details and web presences are as follows:

Mobile: 07842 137041

We wish Ian every success, and will support him as much as we can in the run-up to the general election, and beyond. Which brings us to an important matter – our new strategy for the 2015 general election. For some time we’ve been considering the possibility of targeting adjacent marginal seats in order to make our campaigning more efficient and effective, to keep campaigner morale high in a concentrated geographical area, and to maximize the value we get from donations for poster campaigns and the like.

The Sherwood constituency is one of three constituencies which are adjacent to each other, and which were won by very slim majorities in 2010. To the west of Sherwood is the Ashfield constituency, historically a safe Labour seat, which Labour candidate Gloria de Piero (standing for the first time) almost lost in 2010, winning by just 192 votes. GdP is the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities. In July we awarded her our Lying Feminist of the Month award for her comments on the gender pay gap – the story is here.

I shall be standing as the J4MB candidate for Ashfield next May.

To the south of Ashfield and the south-west of Sherwood is the Broxtowe constituency, historically another safe Labour seat, which was won in 2010 by Anna Soubry for the Conservatives, with a majority of 389 votes. Ray Barry will be standing as the J4MB candidate for Broxtowe next May. Ray is well-known as the leader of Real Fathers for Justice, and three days ago we video recorded him speaking next to a controversial new sculpture in Birmingham, ‘A Real Birmingham Family’, which consists of two sisters who are single mothers, one of them pregnant, with their young sons. A celebration of fatherlessness, no less. We’ve had good reactions to the video, here.

Our interest in the Nottingham area isn’t limited to these three seats. We’ve never been a party which lacked ambition, and we never will be. We’ll be seeking candidates for two adjacent seats which were won by Labour with majorities of less than 2,000 votes in 2010 – Nottingham (South) and Gedling.

We’re also keen to field a candidate in Loughborough, 17 miles to the south of Nottingham. The seat was won by Labour in 2001 and 2005, but Nicky Morgan won it for the Conservatives in 2010 with a majority of 3,744 votes. Nicky Morgan is the Minister for Women and Equalities. David Cameron, to his eternal shame, replaced the highly-regarded Michael Gove as Education Secretary not long ago, replacing him with Nicky Morgan.

We’ve compiled voting data from the last three general election results for the three key seats near Nottingham (and Loughborough) – here.

Our decision to contest one or more Labour seats marks a change from our former strategy of only targeting Conservative marginal seats in 2015. Our rationale is that until J4MB develops to the point of having rather more candidates standing in general elections, targeting only one party’s seats is purely symbolic. We felt it worth changing the strategy in order to target the seat of a (Shadow) Minister for Women and Equalities. Also, life is going to become markedly worse for men and boys if Labour win the next general election, with truly obnoxious bigots such as Yvette Coper given free rein to roll out yet more radical feminist agendas, including teaching schoolboys to be feminists, i.e. brainwashing them into becoming lifelong unquestioning slaves to women.

Our appeal for public advertising materials (posters etc.) for the general election currently stands at £4,045, a long way short of our target, and it ends at 23:59 GMT, now less than 10 hours away. Please donate whatever you can afford, and help us make waves with a major poster campaign in the run-up to the general election. You can donate here. Thank you for your support.

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Welcome to the official website of Justice for men & boys (and the women who love them) - J4MB - the only political party in the English-speaking world campaigning for an end to state assaults on the human rights of men and boys.

We’re planning to change the face of British politics.

We’re currently engaged in drafting our general election manifesto, and we expect to publish it in November. We’ll be making proposals in the following areas:

1. Abortion
2. Genital mutilation
3. Fatherlessness
4. Education
5. Employment
6. Access to children
7. Physical abuse
8. Sexual abuse
9. Ex-Armed Forces personnel with mental health disorders (including PTSD)
10. Homelessness
11. Suicide
12. Criminal justice system bias
13. Reproductive rights
14. Paternity fraud
15. Anonymity for those suspected of having committed sexual offences
16. Financial settlements following divorce
17. Health
18. Political representation
19. Government interference in company director appointments
20. Retirement years expectation

In June 2014 I gave a speech at the first international conference on men’s issues, in Detroit, explaining why there’s a need for new political parties to campaign for the human rights of men and boys. A video of the speech, along with the associated transcript, is here. My media appearances, as well as those of Ray Barry and Ian Young, who’ll also be standing as candidates for J4MB at the 2015 general election, are here.

For over 30 years, men’s and boys’ human rights have been assaulted by politicians pandering to the demands of women driven by misandry (the hatred of men) – feminist MPs, as well as feminists in key positions in state institutions.

The family court system, for example, fails to ensure fathers and their children enjoy reasonable access to each other following family breakdowns. Denial of access is emotional abuse of children, fathers, grandparents and others.

Conservative and Labour administrations have been equally culpable, and the current Conservative-led coalition has been the worst of them all, slavishly following policy directions set by Harriet Harman and other feminist MPs.

Men collectively pay 72% of the state’s income tax revenues, while women collectively pay only 28% and receive disproportionately far more from the state in return. Men paid a total of £68 billion more income tax than women in 2011/12 - a rise from £64 billion in 2010/11 - yet their human rights and interests are assaulted by the state they largely finance.

The hostile, poisonous, undemocratic, anti-meritocratic, anti-male culture which has developed over 30+ years must be challenged and defeated for the sakes of men, women, and children. For the sake of Britain as a civilised society.

We’re receiving support (and donations) not only from men, but also from women, who believe (as we do) in equality of opportunities for men and women rather than equality of outcomes, which require anti-meritocratic social engineering initiatives to deliver, cause considerable damage to the fabric of a civilised society, and result in justifiable resentment among men who are disadvantaged.

We’re receiving support from women who are mothers of boys, and see them increasingly disadvantaged by the education system.

We’re receiving support from women who love their male partners, fathers, brothers, male friends and acquaintances, and who deplore the assaults on those men’s interests.

We’ll be contesting marginal seats at the May 2015 general election. Our strategy is here. We’ll be contesting a minimum of three adjacent highly marginal Conservative and Labour seats near Nottingham. I’ll be standing in Ashfield, the seat of Gloria de Piero, the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities. She retained the seat for Labour – historically, a safe Labour seat – at the 2010 general election with a majority of only 192 votes. We plan to also contest three other seats in the area including Loughborough, the seat of Nicky Morgan, the Minister for Women and Equalities.

One of our candidates at the 2015 general election will be Ray Barry, leader of the campaign group Real Fathers for Justice. He supports parents in custody battles through Court Without a Lawyer. He says:

Family Law has become a multi-billion pound industry. The dysfunctional family law system has led to one in four British children permanently losing contact with their fathers after family breakdowns. These children are more likely to suffer disadvantage throughout childhood and adult life.

The reluctance to reform this system among those who work in the industry (lawyers, judges, court staff, court experts) is driven more by financial self-interest than concern for the welfare of children.

We propose a simplified legislative model, intended to remove the need for the great majority of contested court proceedings in cases where parents have separated and are unable to agree the living arrangements for their children.

This legislative base would also remove the need for state intervention concerning child support. No Child Support Agency would be required. This would result in significant savings to the exchequer and would restore the responsibility for such matters to the parents, which is where it belongs.

While we’ll be fighting to win seats, the prime objective will be to contribute to MPs in marginal constituencies losing their seats, to protest at their parties’ relentless pursuit of anti-male agendas. We’re still in the early stages of the awareness building phase of our strategy. In future elections, when we’ll field many more candidates in general elections, the main political parties will have no choice but to engage with us, in an effort to deter us from contesting their marginal seats.

Then we can expect to see the start of the reversal of 30+ years of state-sponsored discriminations against men and boys.

The challenge will have to start at the ballot box. All the main parties unfairly advantage women and girls at the expense of men and boys, so if you’re concerned about the areas in which we campaign, a vote for any of the main parties is a wasted vote.

Only a vote for J4MB will send the political classes the message that their assaults on men and boys must stop.

Political campaigns inevitably cost money to run, and we’ve a great deal of work to do. The people working for the party, including myself, receive no personal income from it. 100% of donations will be used to pay for general election deposits and campaign-related costs. An accountant ensures we abide strictly with Electoral Commission guidelines for political party funding and expenditure.

Please donate what you can to help us make the future brighter for men and boys, and the women who love them. If you’re able to offer us some of your time, perhaps for leaflet distribution, please contact us.

I invite you to contact me at any time. My email address is, my mobile number 07967 026163. Thank you for your interest in our work.

Mike Buchanan


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Sage Gerard speaking at ‘Male Students in Peril (2014)’

Sage Gerard – who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Detroit conference – is going to become ever more important in the MHRM, we have little doubt. Enjoy.

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Women in positions of power show more signs of depression than men

Our thanks to a supporter in Eastern Europe for pointing us towards this. It’s almost as if men and women are different, somehow… Needless to say, the piece also provides a feminist explanation for the phenomenon. Is there anything gender-related for which there isn’t a feminist explanation, no matter how dotty?

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William Collins on The Corston Report (2007)

We have some commentary in our draft manifesto about the Corston Report (2007) – the report by (Labour peer) Baroness Corston about the treatment of women by the criminal justice system. We’re going to delete it and simply point readers to this new piece by William Collins.

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This is what feminists look like

We buy most of our graphic images from Bigstock, a company that recently gave us credits which we had to use by the end of today, or lose them. Not being of any immediate need for images, out of curiosity we punched in the keyword ‘feminist’. The following are our favourites from the 200+ images which resulted:

Boyfriend restraining adorable girlfriend wearing boxing gloves Bride With Gun Female construction worker with a shovel Girl With Baseball Bat Russian Roulette Screaming militant feminist with rolling pin ridden on a wooden Strong Self Defense Woman With Pinky Working Tool


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William Collins’s notes on men’s right to demand DNA tests to prove (or disprove) paternity

We’re all working long hours on the election manifesto, and our best guess at the moment is that it will be published on this site w/c 1 December. One of the areas that’s proving more challenging than we’d anticipated is paternity fraud. One issue is the right of women to deny men the opportunity to prove (or disprove) paternity through DNA testing. We’re still working through the issue, but we thought this two-page piece from William Collins would be of interest to J4MB followers. William was also the author of this excellent piece on the issue of paternity fraud.

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Male prisoners’ re-offending rates

In the manifesto we’ll have a good deal to say about the anti-male bias of the justice system. For men, prison simply isn’t working as a deterrent. So few women serve custodial sentences, it can’t be a deterrent for them, either. Prisoners’ time should be used to address issues such as mental health problems, illiteracy and innumeracy, but it isn’t. The coalition has cut back on investment in these areas.

As testament to the ineffectiveness of prison, you need only look at the response of the Ministry of Justice to our recent FoI request about re-offending rates. Of the male prisoners released from prison in 2003, almost a third returned to prison within a year, almost half within three years, and 59% within 10 years.

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Dan Perrins: ‘What International Men’s Day SHOULD be about.’

Nobody gets to the heart of the matter quite like Dan Perrins, a Canadian MHRA we really admire at J4MB. Enjoy. In the coming months we look forward to more of his inimitable video pieces, with his dog rooting around in the snow around him.

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‘Big Red’ makes a compelling case for feminism

A donor just emailed to ask what the most-viewed piece on our YouTube channel is. I had no idea, so I checked it out. Pleasingly, it’s a video of ‘Big Red’, a Canadian feminist. The bearded gentleman in the video, clearly stunned by witnessing at short range a feminist digging a grave for feminism, is Dan Perrins, a highly-regarded Canadian MHRA. I must have watched this video dozens of times, but never tire of it. Enjoy.

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Toysoldier: ‘Man freed after 19 years of wrongful imprisonment’

How can anyone with an IQ above that of a particularly stupid budgie believe in the feminist version of patriarchy – men as a class oppress women as a class, always have, and always will, unless feminists have their way – when the uncorroborated word of an 11-year-old girl can lead to a man receiving a life sentence? As an example of female supremacy over men, that takes some beating. A remarkable piece from Toysoldier. Subscribe while you’re there. We leave you with this question:

How many men are languishing in jail globally, because of the false testimony of malicious women and girls?

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Janet Bloomfield: ”Six ways that feminism insults and demeans women while claiming to protect them’

An insightful new piece from JB.

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