God is no longer male, Scottish Episcopal Church rules

My thanks to M for a gem from 2010:


From the article:

The controversial changes were discussed at the church’s General Synod recently. The minutes of the synod reveal that female priests had asked why God was still referred to as a man.

The altered version of the 1982 Liturgy sees masculine pronouns removed when they refer to God and the new approach has even been extended to humans. For example, the word “mankind” has been taken out and replaced with “world”.

Some senior religious figures have objected to the new form of words. “It is political correctness,” said Rev Stuart Hall of the Scottish Prayer Book Society and Honorary Professor of Divinity at the University of St Andrews.

“It is quite unnecessary. The word man in English – especially among scientists – is inclusive of both sexes.

It was all too predictable that whiny female priests would concern themselves with such trivial matters. Why couldn’t they form their own church, refer to God as a woman, and leave the vast majority of Christians to carry on as they were? Because they couldn’t sustain their own church. This is nothing more than the same phenomenon whereby very few women start businesses, but they’re keen to be advanced into senior positions in successful businesses started and run by men. Men take the risks, sometimes they succeed, sometimes they fail (e.g. bankruptcy). When they succeed, they can be sure women will come along and seek good money for little work (e.g. as non-executive directors). In the same vein, no rich man – even if he were a vile person – ever struggled to find an attractive wife.

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One Response to God is no longer male, Scottish Episcopal Church rules

  1. Jericho One says:

    It would make more sense if God was a feminist — it would explain why the world is in such a mess….

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