Help J4MB alter the outcome of the 2020 general election. Become a party member and fund a candidate’s deposit, from 27 pence per day.

When J4MB was launched in February 2013, we had no basis to forecast how well, if at all, we would be received by the general public, in the then public climate of almost total belief in feminism.

Supporters tell us we can be proud of what we’ve achieved in two years. Donors have sent sums ranging from £10 to £2,000. We’ve had over 100 appearances on mainstream television and radio – here. Countless newspaper, magazine, and blog pieces have been written about us. The tone of the reporting has usually been challenging and often antagonistic, which we expected, but we have also been surprised by the interest we have triggered in some of the most unlikely people, and we can be sure that we have broken the blanket belief that men’s and boys’ issues are either non-existent, or unimportant. The comments streams following online articles have been very supportive of J4MB and what we’re seeking to achieve.

Thanks to generous donors, the party’s accounts have remained in the black from day one, largely because no one working for J4MB has taken a penny of income from donations. We do not see our position on personal income changing in the foreseeable future, if ever – and if it does, we’ll obviously let you know in advance.

We’re working towards the 2020 general election, in which we plan to field 20 candidates in the most marginal seats won by the Conservatives in 2015 – details here. We intend to significantly reduce the Conservatives’ prospects of being re-elected.

We’re going to raise our game in a number of areas, generating ever greater public awareness of men’s and boys’ issues. This will require a stronger financial base. We’ll need £10,000 to fund 20 candidates’ deposits in 2020, and a further £40,000 to finance the printing and distribution of their campaign literature.

We’re introducing party membership, as we feel it’s the most appropriate way to guarantee reliable cash flows over the longer term, thus obviating the hand-to-mouth approach upon which we’ve relied in the past. It will also free up valuable time for political campaigning which would otherwise be spent on uncertain crowd-funding campaigns.

We’re establishing a range of membership grades, ranging from £8.33pcm (just 27 pence per day) to £50.00pcm. If a standing order for £8.33pcm is set up now (or very shortly), a sum of £500 will be raised by May 2020, enough to fund one candidate’s deposit. Multiples of £8.33 will fund more deposits.

We’re ‘ring fencing’ the first members’ donations, to ensure that the 20 candidates’ deposits will be in place in 2020. Further members’ donations will be used to fund our campaigning work, and the cost of literature printing and distribution.

Membership grade                  Monthly donation                   Deposit(s) funded

Bronze                                                          £8.33                                                      1

Silver                                                           £16.66                                                      2

Gold                                                            £25.00                                                      3

Platinum                                                   £50.00                                                       6

Members will receive a signed membership certificate, a copy of the A3 leaflets we distributed in the 2015 general election – the window poster element is here – and two individually numbered silicone wristbands. Monthly donations can be set up through PayPal although we have to pay commissions on donations made that way, so we’d prefer you set up a Standing Order payable directly into the J4MB account, thereby ensuring every penny goes to J4MB. Our account details:

Account name: Justice for Men and Boys 2020

Sort code: 309054

Account number: 65060868

IBAN: GB65LOYD30905465060868


Monthly donations can be set up through PayPal, although we have to pay commissions on these donations:

If you want to put in place a regular donation of another amount, we would of course be deeply grateful.

Please email me with the membership grade you’ve settled on, the name you’d like printed on your membership certificate, and your address. Thank you for your support.

Best wishes,

Mike Buchanan

Party Leader

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J4MB launches its 2015 general election manifesto

We are pleased to present our general election manifesto. The document covers 20 areas where the human rights of men and boys (including the unborn) – and sometimes girls (including the unborn) – are assaulted by the state’s actions and inactions. In a broadly chronological order:

1. Abortion
2. Foetal alcohol syndrome
3. Genital mutilation
4. Fatherlessness, restoring strong families
5. Education
6. Employment
7. Access to children after family breakdowns
8. Domestic violence
9. Sexual abuse
10. Armed Forces veterans’ mental health issues
11. Homelessness
12. Suicide
13. Criminal justice system
14. Paternity fraud
15. Anonymity for suspected sexual offenders
16. Divorce
17. Healthcare
18. Political representation
19. State interference in company director appointments
20. Expectation of retirement years

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who’ve contributed to the development of this document, both formally and informally. Some have invested a considerable amount of time, which we believe is self-evident. I invite you to submit your comments on the document.

In common with all political parties, J4MB requires money to fund its campaigning. Nobody connected with J4MB derives any income from donations, and we invite you to support our work by making a donation here.

Please feel free to contact me at any time. My email address is and mobile number 07967 026163.

Mike Buchanan


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Welcome to the official website of Justice for men & boys (and the women who love them) – J4MB – the only political party in the English-speaking world campaigning for an end to state assaults on the human rights of men and boys.

We’re planning to change the face of British politics.

We’re currently engaged in drafting our general election manifesto, and we plan to publish it on this site on 14 December. We’ll be making proposals in the following areas:

1. Abortion
2. Foetal alcohol syndrome
3. Genital mutilation
4. Fatherlessness
5. Education
6. Employment
7. Access to children
8. Sexual abuse
9. Ex-Armed Forces personnel with mental health disorders (including PTSD)
10. Homelessness
11. Suicide
12. Criminal justice system bias
13. Reproductive rights
14. Paternity fraud
15. Anonymity for those suspected of having committed sexual offences
16. Financial settlements following divorce
17. Healthcare
18. Political representation
19. Government interference in company director appointments
20. Retirement years expectation

In June 2014 I gave a speech at the first international conference on men’s issues, in Detroit, explaining why there’s a need for new political parties to campaign for the human rights of men and boys. A video of the speech, along with the associated transcript, is here. My media appearances, as well as those of Ray Barry, who’ll also be standing as a candidate for J4MB at the 2015 general election, are here.

For over 30 years, men’s and boys’ human rights have been assaulted by politicians pandering to the demands of women driven by misandry (the hatred of men) – feminist MPs, as well as feminists in key positions in state institutions.

The family court system, for example, fails to ensure fathers and their children enjoy reasonable access to each other following family breakdowns. Denial of access is emotional abuse of children, fathers, grandparents and others.

Conservative and Labour administrations have been equally culpable, and the current Conservative-led coalition has been the worst of them all, slavishly following policy directions set by Harriet Harman and other feminist MPs.

Men collectively pay 72% of the state’s income tax revenues, while women collectively pay only 28% and receive disproportionately far more from the state in return. Men paid a total of £68 billion more income tax than women in 2011/12 – a rise from £64 billion in 2010/11 – yet their human rights and interests are assaulted by the state they largely finance.

The hostile, poisonous, undemocratic, anti-meritocratic, anti-male culture which has developed over 30+ years must be challenged and defeated for the sakes of men, women, and children. For the sake of Britain as a civilised society.

We’re receiving support (and donations) not only from men, but also from women, who believe (as we do) in equality of opportunities for men and women rather than equality of outcomes, which require anti-meritocratic social engineering initiatives to deliver, cause considerable damage to the fabric of a civilised society, and result in justifiable resentment among men who are disadvantaged.

We’re receiving support from women who are mothers of boys, and see them increasingly disadvantaged by the education system.

We’re receiving support from women who love their male partners, fathers, brothers, male friends and acquaintances, and who deplore the assaults on those men’s interests.

We’ll be contesting two adjacent highly marginal Conservative and Labour seats near Nottingham at the 2015 general election. I’ll be standing in Ashfield, the seat of Gloria de Piero, the Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities. She retained the seat for Labour – historically, a safe Labour seat – at the 2010 general election with a majority of only 192 votes.

Our other candidate at the 2015 general election will be Ray Barry, leader of the campaign group Real Fathers for Justice. He supports parents in custody battles through Court Without a Lawyer. He says:

Family Law has become a multi-billion pound industry. The dysfunctional family law system has led to one in four British children permanently losing contact with their fathers after family breakdowns. These children are more likely to suffer disadvantage throughout childhood and adult life.

The reluctance to reform this system among those who work in the industry (lawyers, judges, court staff, court experts) is driven more by financial self-interest than concern for the welfare of children.

We propose a simplified legislative model, intended to remove the need for the great majority of contested court proceedings in cases where parents have separated and are unable to agree the living arrangements for their children.

This legislative base would also remove the need for state intervention concerning child support. No Child Support Agency would be required. This would result in significant savings to the exchequer and would restore the responsibility for such matters to the parents, which is where it belongs.

While we’ll be fighting to win seats, the prime objective will be to contribute to MPs in marginal constituencies losing their seats, to protest at their parties’ relentless pursuit of anti-male agendas. We’re still in the early stages of the awareness building phase of our strategy. In future elections, when we’ll field many more candidates in general elections, the main political parties will have no choice but to engage with us, in an effort to deter us from contesting their marginal seats.

Then we can expect to see the start of the reversal of 30+ years of state-sponsored discriminations against men and boys.

The challenge will have to start at the ballot box. All the main parties unfairly advantage women and girls at the expense of men and boys, so if you’re concerned about the areas in which we campaign, a vote for any of the main parties is a wasted vote.

Only a vote for J4MB will send the political classes the message that their assaults on men and boys must stop.

Political campaigns inevitably cost money to run, and we’ve a great deal of work to do. The people working for the party, including myself, receive no personal income from it. 100% of donations will be used to pay for general election deposits and campaign-related costs. An accountant ensures we abide strictly with Electoral Commission guidelines for political party funding and expenditure.

Please donate what you can to help us make the future brighter for men and boys, and the women who love them. If you’re able to offer us some of your time, perhaps for leaflet distribution, please contact us.

I invite you to contact me at any time. My email address is, my mobile number 07967 026163. Thank you for your interest in our work.

Mike Buchanan


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Moderate Feminists: you don’t exist


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Kathy Gyngell: Employers should not be bullied by sex discrimination laws into hiring women

Good to see Kathy Gyngell articulating some home truths that spineless business leaders and major employers’ organisations won’t in their relentless pandering to women, regardless of the impact. We see the same spinelessness with respect to increasing the proportion of women on corporate boards, with the FTSE100, CBI, and the government in an unholy alliance driving this initiative forward, despite being aware it will lead to corporate financial decline. It will in due course be extended to ever-smaller companies – the government is known to have a target of gender parity on FTSE350 boards – and will have a disproportionate impact on smaller companies.

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Apply to become a prospective parliamentary candidate for J4MB at the 2020 general election

We plan to field candidates in the Conservatives’ 20 most marginal seats in the 2020 general election. One is in Scotland – the last remaining Tory seat in the country – and two in Wales. Details of the 20 seats arranged in constituency name order are here, and in majority votes order here.

We are confident that by 2020, many more voters will have an understanding of the areas in which the human rights of men and boys are assaulted by the actions and inactions of the state. Our 2015 general election manifesto explored 20 such areas.

In our view, it will require at least £2,500 per constituency to make an impact in 2020, and we’d like to see a lot more spent. The sum will finance the £500 deposit – refundable to parties which attract at least 5% of the votes cast – and sufficient leaflets for every household in a typical constituency (50,000 households). The Royal Mail carries out one leaflet drop in the two weeks before polling day, at no cost to parties.

I can tell you from personal experience that standing as a candidate is an invigorating experience, one that I look forward to repeating. You don’t need to live in the constituency in which you’ll be standing, you don’t even need to be a British citizen.

We’d like to appoint our 20 candidates by the end of this year. Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you have a potential interest in standing as a J4MB candidate in 2015, please email or call 07967 026163. We don’t know at this stage what funds we’ll have in the months running up to the 2020 general election, so we’d be particularly interested to hear from people in a position to self-fund their candidacy.

I invite you to play a key role in helping J4MB make a serious mark at the 2020 general election, to put the human rights of men and boys on the nation’s ‘radar’ for the first time. Without sufficient candidates, we won’t have a chance of doing so.

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You don’t have to be a British citizen to become a party member or donor

From time to time I’ve asked supporters living outside the UK if they’d like to become party members or make a donation, and surprisingly often they say they’d assumed they had to be British citizens to do so. This isn’t the case. Indeed, in the past fortnight alone, people from the United States, Canada, and Australia, have become party members.

We must have had donations from supporters in over 20 countries since we launched the party in February 2013. A number have said they believe that the United Kingdom is uniquely well placed to become the first country in the world to have a men’s rights political breakthrough. That’s precisely what we expect to happen in 2020, when our campaigning could lead to the Conservatives not being re-elected. This will surely lead to headlines not just in the UK, but around the world.

We’re working hard towards that goal. We aim to field candidates in the Conservatives’ top 20 marginal seats, secured with majorities of between 27 and 1,925 votes on 7 May. We already have funding streams in place for 13 of those 20 candidates’ deposits. Please consider becoming a party member, and funding another deposit.

Regardless of whether or not you’re a British citizen, we need your financial support. If you’d like to fund a candidate’s deposit in 2020, I urge you to do so by becoming a party member, which will cost the equivalent of just 27 pence per day – details here. If you’d like to make a lump sum donation, you may do so here. Thank you for your support.

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Robert Stacy McCain: ‘Sex Trouble: Essays on Radical Feminism and the War on Human Nature’

Robert Stacy McCain is a veteran American journalist, and my attention has been drawn to his recently-published book. It’s received very positive reviews on Amazon’s American website, on the strength of which I’ve just ordered the Kindle version, and will read it on my PC. It’s also available as a reasonably-priced paperback.

Mr McCain’s blog The Other McCain has attracted over 17 million page views since 2008.

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Sandy Toksvig, Lying Feminist of the Month, misleads Stephen Fry and the Hay Festival audience

It’s appropriate that the recently-launched Women for Equality party has as its spokeswoman a comedienne, Sandy Toksvig. Predictably, it didn’t take her long to win one of our Lying Feminist of the Month awards, and we anticipate it won’t be long before she wins more of them.

My thanks to John for pointing me to this video of Sandy Toksvig in discussion with Stephen Fry at the latest Hay Festival. It will be on iPlayer for another 25 days. The section in which she misleads Stephen Fry and the audience concerns increasing the number of women in senior positions, and starts at 34:23. She defends the use of gender quotas to drive up female representation on corporate boards, claiming:

Norway did it by quotas, and that went very well for them.

It may have gone ‘very well’ for the women appointed to boards they wouldn’t otherwise have been appointed to, but what about the companies? On average, as Campaign for Merit in Business has been saying relentlessly for the past three years, longitudinal studies show that the increased female representation on boards led to corporate financial decline in Norway and elsewhere. The C4MB briefing paper on the matter is downloadable via this link.

Then Toksvig utters a statement of a type that has led to other feminists winning ‘Lying Feminists of the Month’ awards:

Every single bit of business research will show you that a business that has a board with diversity on it does better.

She is clearly misleading the audience into accepting that a causal link exists between more women on boards, and enhanced financial performance. Is she aware she’s misleading the audience, or does she genuinely believe a causal link exists, that women deliver a mysterious ‘female factor’ in the boardroom? We can be sure nobody in the BBC will ever ask the probing questions that would soon enlighten us on the matter.

Stephen Fry nods approvingly throughout this section, and generally he shows her a level of respect which is embarrassing to watch. Surely his common sense would have led him to know she was misleading the audience? Perhaps not. Judging from his utterances on QI he holds business people generally in contempt, other than those working for companies making high-tech gadgets, such as Apple.

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9 June, 7:30pm: Women’s Equality Party fundraiser, Conway Hall, London

My thanks to John for tipping me off about this. Tickets cost £25 and have sold out. Among the speakers will be Sandi Toksvig, who won a Lying Feminist of the Month award last week, for comments she made about the gender pay gap.

With all political parties (other than J4MB) being anti-male and pandering relentlessly to women, the idea of a Women’s Equality Party is laughable, so it’s appropriate a comedienne should be the party’s spokeswoman. If you’d be interested in handing out literature to people on their way to the venue, and engaging people in peaceful discussions, please email me Thank you.

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‘The Trouble with the F Word’ – official trailer

Some months ago a number of colleagues and I were filmed for a forthcoming documentary, The Trouble with the F Word, and we recently provided a link to a short excerpt the producer had published on YouTube. An official trailer has also been published on YouTube, with a number of the usual suspects including Julie Bindel and Caroline Priado-Perez, an unapologetic winner of three ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards. Enjoy.

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£210,868 (88.6%) of the 2013/14 income of Engender, a radical feminist campaign organisation, is paid by Scottish taxpayers (mainly men)

Last Friday I emailed Emma Ritch, the Chief Executive of Engender, a Scottish radical feminist campaigning organisation, asking her to direct me towards ‘lots of evidence’ she claims exists, showing that increasing female representation on corporate boards leads to enhanced corporate performance. If our previous experiences of challenging radical feminists are anything to go by, she won’t be responding by the deadline of 5pm on Friday 29 May, after which we’ll present her with our ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ award.

A supporter has emailed me to ask if I know anything about how Engender is funded. A Google search soon led me to their 2013/14 annual report. Their funding and outgoings are broken down on p7. Of their £237,927 income, the Scottish government provided £210,868, 88.6% of the total.

A further £10,000 was obtained from Awards for All, i.e. the Big Lottery Fund, a sum which Engender say is ‘funding the development and dissemination of a film about women in the economy’. Hmm, we wonder if the film will mention Catherine Hakim’s Preference Theory (2000)? She found that in the UK only one in seven women is work-centred, in contrast with four in seven men.

We’re sure the film will at least cover the long-running scandal that most people registered as unemployed are men, yet taxpayer-funded initiatives aimed at getting people into fields of work historically the preserve of the opposite gender, are always aimed at women. Well, at least when the fields of work are well-paid, secure, amenable to flexible working, little commuting involved, plenty of social contact, indoors…

£120,000 is listed as coming from the Scottish government, a further £90,868 from VAF CSU. The acronym refers to Voluntary Action Fund – Community Safety Unit. The VAF manages a number of grants on behalf of the Scottish government – here. The three funds from which we assume Engender might apply for grants are as follows. At this stage – from exploring their website – we’re only sure Engender have obtained funding from the first:

1. Tackling Sectarianism. From the Engender website page on their work in this area:

Engender have worked over the past eighteen months to bring women together to talk about what sectarianism means to them. We have held focus groups, discussion forums and our ‘Women, Faith and Feminism’ event, as well as engaging with organisations working on a variety of different anti-sectarianism initiatives.

There you have it. ‘Women, Faith and Feminism’. Even when spending taxpayers’ money in relation to sectarianism, these women introduce their toxic ideology, which need not be introduced. It should have been a condition of the grant that it wouldn’t be used to introduce a third faith – feminism – into this already difficult area.

2.Violence Against Women and Girls Fund. £9.5 million available in 2015/16. Sometimes public bodies assert (ridiculously) that the term ‘violence against women and girls’ includes men and boys. There’s no such pretence here. From the website:

The Violence Against Women & Girls Fund: the purpose of which is to support organisations to tackle all forms of violence against women. This includes projects delivering frontline services or building capacity in local partnerships to strengthen responses to violence against women. It also enables children and young people experiencing domestic abuse to receive direct support and ensures that rape crisis services, in current receipt of funding, can also continue providing direct support to women.

3. Equality Fund. I invite you to check it out. Who can possibly doubt that the money will be hoovered up by feminist organisations, to advantage women?

It’s a familiar pattern. Feminist-run organisations are often parasites on taxpayers, although almost three-quarters of the income tax collected in the UK is paid by men. Radical feminist ‘academics’ running Gender Studies courses are parasites too, and would surely otherwise be unemployable.

Male taxpayers are funding the women (and sometimes men) who assault their interests, the people who lie relentlessly about domestic violence, rape, gender pay gap, employment, and so much else, decade after decade. And yet the mainstream media never expose them as the hate-driven liars they are. With rare exceptions academics don’t expose them either, even anonymously.

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Yvette Cooper MP equates ‘families’ with ‘working parents’

From time to time I put myself through the pain of reading titles such as the Guardian and Independent. As a matter of principle I read library copies, rather than buying them. The Independent, once a fine newspaper, becomes ever worse. From the Editorial of today’s edition of the paper:

Yvette Cooper is campaigning to become the Labour Party’s first woman leader on a platform of putting families back ‘at the heart’ of party policy, first by extending free childcare to children aged two, so that more parents can go back to work.

The doublespeak here is astonishing, but it reminds us why she won a ‘Gormless Feminist of the Month’ award. She equates putting families back at the heart of party policy, with incentivising ‘more parents’ into paid employment. By ‘more parents’ she largely means ‘more mothers’, of course, regardless of whether they want to engage in paid work when their children are so young.

Who will foot the enormous bill of extending yet further taxpayers’ funding of childcare? Mainly working men, of course, who already pay 72% of the income taxes collected in the UK. Many of the working men paying for this extra childcare will simultaneously be denied access to their own children – denied by the family courts, which will not deal robustly with the malicious mothers who are the cause of the problem, abusing both ex-partners and their own children.

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