An invitation to become a party member

When J4MB was launched in February 2013, we had no basis for forecasting how well, if at all, we would be received by the general public. At that time, the prevailing public conviction was that feminists pursue gender equality, in stark contrast to what is demonstrably true.

Only a small minority of women are feminists. They seek gender supremacy, regardless of the impact on men, women, boys, girls, nuclear families, public institutions, and wider society. They are driven by misandry (the hatred of men). If anyone should doubt the truth of these assertions, we invite them to read our 2015 general election manifesto. It explores 20 areas where the human rights of men and/or boys are assaulted by the actions and inactions of the state, usually to advantage women and/or girls. The areas are:


Foetal alcohol syndrome

Genital mutilation

Fatherlessness, restoring strong families



Access to children after family breakdowns

Domestic violence

Sexual abuse

Armed Forces veterans’ mental health issues



Criminal justice system

Paternity fraud

Anonymity for suspected sexual offenders



Political representation

State interference in director appointments

Expectation of retirement years

There are no areas in which the state assaults the human rights of women and/or girls specifically.

The assaults on men and boys are often led or enabled by feminists in influential positions e.g. Theresa May MP (Home Secretary), Nicky Morgan MP (Education Secretary, Minister for Women and Equalities), Alison Saunders (Director of Public Prosecutions). Most of the assaults, however, are led by men with no concern for the wellbeing of men and boys as a class.

J4MB remains the only political party in the English-speaking world campaigning for the human rights of men and boys on many fronts. We are reliant on donors to cover the party’s costs, and nobody connected with the party draws any personal income from donations.

Supporters (including donors) tell us we can be proud of what we’ve achieved in two years. Donors have sent sums ranging from £2 to £2,000. We’ve had over 100 appearances on mainstream television and radio – here. Countless newspaper, magazine, and blog pieces have been written about us. The tone of the reporting has usually been challenging and often antagonistic, which we expected, but we have also been surprised by the interest we have triggered in some of the most unlikely people, and we can be sure that we have broken the blanket belief that men’s and boys’ issues are either non-existent, or unimportant. The comments streams following online articles have been very supportive of J4MB and what we’re seeking to achieve.

Our long-term strategy is to challenge the party in power (or parties, in the event of a coalition) because only they have the power to reverse anti-male legislation and policy directions.

We’re working towards the 2020 general election, in which we plan to field candidates in the 20 most marginal seats won by the Conservatives in 2015 – details here. Thanks to existing party members, we already have funding streams in place to pay for those 20 candidates’ £500 deposits.

We intend to significantly reduce the Conservatives’ prospects of being re-elected in 2020, in order to raise public awareness of men’s and boys’ issues. In coalition with the Liberal Democrats from 2010, and in sole power from 2015, the Conservatives have been no less anti-male than the Labour party, in some areas going even further than the Labour administrations of 1997-2010.

We’re going to raise our game in a number of areas, which will require a stronger financial base. We wish to increase our membership base in order to meet increasing campaigning costs, and to help build a ‘fighting fund’ for the 2020 general election.

We invite you to become a party member. It’s the most efficient way to demonstrate your support of our work, reducing the need for the periodic appeals upon which we’ve largely relied in the past. It will also free up valuable time for political campaigning, which would otherwise be spent on uncertain fundraisers.

We’ve established a range of membership grades, ranging from monthly sums of £5.00 (16 pence per day) to £100.00 (£3.28 per day):

Membership grade                  Monthly donation                   

Bronze                                                        £5.00

Silver                                                          £10.00

Gold                                                            £25.00

Platinum                                                    £50.00

Diamond                                                    £100.00

Members will receive a signed membership certificate, one of the A3 leaflets we were distributing during the 2015 general election – the window poster element is here – and two individually numbered silicone wristbands.

We’d prefer you set up a Standing Order payable directly into the J4MB account, thereby ensuring the full sum of your donations go to J4MB. Our account details:

Account name: Justice for Men & Boys

Sort code: 309054

Account number: 54880968

IBAN: GB08LOYD30905454880968


Monthly donations can be set up through PayPal, although (small) commissions are taken from donations made that way:

If you want to put in place a regular donation of another amount, we would of course be deeply grateful.

Please email me with the membership grade you’ve settled on, the name you’d like printed on your membership certificate, and your address. Thank you for your support.

Best wishes,

Mike Buchanan


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How to treat him as a human being

A tip of the hat to moms4dads for this.

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UK national sperm bank has just nine donors

Our thanks to Michael for pointing us to the latest feminist-inspired taxpayer-funded fiasco, this time wasting a trifling £77,000 on a sperm bank for lesbians and single women. From the BBC article:

The change in the rules in 2005 means children conceived using donor eggs or sperm will be able to trace their biological parent in the same way as children who are adopted.

Donors do not have the right to trace their offspring.

Why has there been such a poor response rate? Maybe there’s a clue here:

Concern about loss of anonymity has put many men off coming forward at a time when demand is rising, especially from same sex couples and single women.

Hmm, which same sex couples might be seeking sperm for taxpayer-funded conception, lesbians or gay men? In the immortal words of Toyah Wilcox:

It’s a mystery,

Oh, it’s a mystery.

In these straitened times, it would make sense to scrap the whackadoodle scheme and give lesbians free prescriptions for these. It’s time to think outside the box…

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Dan Roberts: Every mass shooting shares one thing in common and it’s NOT weapons

Our thanks to Mark for pointing us to a thought-provoking piece. It’s worth scrolling through some of the comments to get a flavour of some counter-arguments. But regardless of the rigour of the claimed link between shootings and SSRI drugs, the widespread medication of boys and young men with psychotropic drugs remains a scandal in the US, UK, and probably elsewhere.

One in four boys in the UK has been diagnosed as having Special Educational Needs – here. Could there be a more stark indicator of the failure of the highly feminized state education system towards boys?

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Professor Janice Fiamengo: Votes for women

The latest episode of the weekly series ‘The Fiamengo File’, produced by Steve Brule. Enjoy.

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Milo Yiannopoulos: Should women be paid as much as men?

Our thanks to Len Firewood for alerting us to a video piece (2:24) featuring Milo Yiannopoulos, broadcast about five weeks ago by Daily Politics. Enjoy.

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Losing all my privilege

A moving song from an American fathers’ and children’s rights advocate.

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IMPORTANT: Survey of men who are (or have been) victims of domestic violence, in England and Wales.

Paul Apreda is the highly-respected and indefatigable National Manager of a registered charity in Wales, Families Need Fathers Both Parents Matter Cymru. The Equalities and Human Rights Commission – which has hitherto been notorious for not caring about the human rights of men and boys as a class – has asked Paul to provide ‘robust evidence’ that men have found it increasingly difficult to provide the evidence of being a victim of domestic violence – including but not limited to abuse which was psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional – that is required by the Legal Aid Agency.

Two weeks ago, Paul launched a survey for men living in England or Wales, who have been (or remain) the victim of domestic violence. The survey is limited to England and Wales in order to provide geographical comparability with a survey carried out by Rights of Women, the results of which were presented to EHRC.

The EHRC also took evidence from Women’s Aid Federation of England and Wales, and Welsh Women’s Aid. A year ago we publicly challenged Eleri Butler, Chief Executive of Welsh Women’s Aid, over two lies in her submission to the Welsh Assembly, and two obsolete statistics on her website. Our blog piece on the matter, which includes a link of our challenge of Ms Butler, is here. She never responded to it.

Paul has provided some interesting background to his reasons for starting the survey – Men and Equality in Wales. A page with a link to the survey is here. The survey was launched 14 August, and within a week it had almost 100 responses. Some of the powerful comments from those responses are here.

This is a really important survey, and presents a rare opportunity to engage substantively with a public body, the EHRC. I urge you to complete it if you are (or were) a victim of domestic violence in England or Wales, and whether or not you are, to pass it on to other men you know who are (or have been) victims. Thank you.

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A Critique of Feminism: A humanitarian woman won’t be silenced about sexual and domestic violence.

Our thanks to a supporter for pointing us to this.

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Women’s Equality party will talk about ‘Equality in the Media’ – in Nottingham!

My thanks to William Gruff for pointing out the irony that the Women’s Equality party will talk about ‘Equality in the Media’ in Nottingham, the city where the local BBC radio station failed to invite Ray Barry, our other candidate, to the hustings in Broxtowe, and invited an all-female audience to my hustings in Ashfield, where I was challenging Gloria de Piero, shadow Minister for Women and Equalities.

All five candidates were at the Ashfield hustings, and the audience mainly asked questions about women’s issues – not one question was asked about men’s issues. Whenever I mentioned a men’s issue, the feminist presenter pulled the microphone away. However, I used the opportunity of my minute-long uninterrupted slot at the beginning of the programme to criticise the BBC’s blatant anti-male bias, with respect to both this occasion, and in general. The full programme is here.

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Sophie Walker, leader of the Women’s Equality party, is inviting people to nine ‘fun-packed events’ over the coming six days

Sophie Walker is the leader of the Women’s Equality party. A few weeks ago we published a piece with details of her party’s ridiculous goals.

Ms Walker is inviting people to nine ‘fun-packed events’ (her words, not mine) across England, Scotland, and Wales, over the coming six days. Quite what will make the events ‘fun-packed’ isn’t revealed, and what does it say about the women who might attend, that they have to be promised the prospect of ‘fun’ to encourage them to attend? What are they, children? In a sense, of course, they are – the sense that, in common with the women running the party, they’re Entitlement Princesses who cannot see that women and girls in the United Kingdom today are members of a deeply privileged class, on many counts.

Where tickets are available online, they’re free. Each fun-packed event (well, nearly every one) has a different theme:

BATH – Equal Education
BIRMINGHAM – Equal Parenting and Caregiving
BRIGHTON – Equal Pay
CARDIFF – Ending Violence Against Women & Girls
EDINBURGH – Equal Representation in Politics
GLASGOW – Equal Pay
LONDON / HACKNEY & ISLINGTON – Equal Representation in Politics
NEWCASTLE – Equal Representation in Business
NOTTINGHAM – Equality in the Media

How have these fun-packed events come to my attention? A lady who’s on the party’s circulation list has just forwarded me an email she received from Ms Walker earlier today. The key content of Ms Walker’s email is here. If you have an interest in going along to any of the events, perhaps with a view to meeting the ladies and presenting them literature containing something they may be unfamiliar with – facts, that kind of thing – please let me know.

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