Free tickets for a screening of ‘The Red Pill’, Cambridge, evening of next Saturday, 3 December

Thanks to the generosity of a number of MRAs, The Red Pill will be screened in Cambridge on the evening of next Saturday, 3 December, and tickets are free. We’ve posted a piece about the screening before, and only a few tickets remain, so you’ll need to book your tickets soon, here.

Along with a few other MRAs, I’ll be staying on to answer questions. I look forward to meeting some new faces. There’s a growing number of MRAs in the Cambridge area, and it’s about time students at the University learned the truth about men’s issues, and learned about the state’s assaults on the human rights of men and boys, most of them at the behest of feminists driven by misandry.

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An invitation to become a party member

In the wake of the recent highly successful International Conference on Men’s Issues, which we co-hosted with A Voice for Men, we invite people concerned about the assaults on men’s and boys’ human rights to become party members. Monthly subscriptions from party members are the financial lifeblood of our political party.

When J4MB was launched in February 2013, we had no basis for forecasting how well, if at all, we would be received by the general public. At that time, the prevailing public conviction was that feminists pursue gender equality, in stark contrast to what was demonstrably true.

Only a small minority of women are feminists. They seek gender supremacy, regardless of the impact on men, women, boys, girls, families, public institutions, and wider society. They are driven by misandry (the hatred of men). If anyone should doubt the truth of these assertions, we invite them to read our 2015 general election manifesto. It explored 20 areas where the human rights of men and/or boys are assaulted by the actions and inactions of the state, usually to advantage women and/or girls. There are no areas in which the state assaults the human rights of women and/or girls specifically.

The 20 areas are:


Foetal alcohol syndrome

Genital mutilation

Fatherlessness, restoring strong families



Access to children after family breakdowns

Domestic violence

Sexual abuse

Armed Forces veterans’ mental health issues



Criminal justice system

Paternity fraud

Anonymity for suspected sexual offenders


Healthcare provision

Political representation

State interference in director appointments

Expectation of retirement years

The assaults on men and boys are often led or enabled by feminists in influential positions e.g. Theresa May MP (Prime Minister, formerly Home Secretary) and Alison Saunders (Director of Public Prosecutions). Most of the assaults, however, are led by men with no concern for the wellbeing of men and boys as a class.

J4MB is the only political party in the English-speaking world campaigning for the human rights of men and boys on many fronts. We are reliant on party members and donors to cover the party’s costs, and nobody connected with the party draws any personal income from donations.

Supporters (including donors) tell us we can be proud of what we’ve achieved in three and a half years. Donors have sent sums ranging from £2 to £2,000. We’ve had over 100 appearances on mainstream television and radio – here. Countless newspaper, magazine, and blog pieces have been written about us. The tone of the reporting has usually been challenging and often antagonistic, which we expected, but we have also been surprised by the interest we have triggered in some of the most unlikely people, and we can be sure that we have broken the blanket belief that men’s and boys’ issues are either non-existent, or unimportant. The comments streams following online articles have been very supportive of J4MB and what we’re seeking to achieve.

Our long-term strategy is to challenge the party in power (or parties, in the event of a coalition) because only they have the power to reverse anti-male legislation and policy directions.

We’re working towards the 2020 general election, in which we’ll field candidates in Conservatives seats. In coalition with the Liberal Democrats from 2010, and in sole power from 2015, the Conservatives have been no less anti-male than the Labour party, in some areas going even further than the Labour administrations of 1997-2010.

We’re going to raise our game in a number of areas, which will require a stronger financial base. We wish to increase our membership base in order to meet increasing campaigning costs, and to help build a ‘fighting fund’ for the 2020 general election.

We invite you to become a party member. It’s the most efficient way to demonstrate your support of our work, reducing the need for the periodic appeals upon which we relied in the past. It will also free up valuable time for political campaigning, which would otherwise be spent on fundraising.

We’ve established a range of membership grades, ranging from monthly sums of £5.00 (16 pence per day) to £100.00 (£3.28 per day):

Membership grade                  Monthly donation                   

Bronze                                                        £5.00

Silver                                                          £10.00

Gold                                                            £25.00

Platinum                                                    £50.00

Diamond                                                    £100.00

Members will receive a signed membership certificate, one of the A3 leaflets we were distributing during the 2015 general election – the window poster element is here – and two individually numbered silicone wristbands.

We’d prefer you set up a Standing Order payable directly into the J4MB account, thereby ensuring the full sum of your donations go to J4MB. Our account details:

Account name: Justice for Men & Boys

Sort code: 309054

Account number: 54880968

IBAN: GB08LOYD30905454880968


Monthly donations can be set up through PayPal, although (small) commissions are taken from donations made that way:

If you want to put in place a regular donation of another amount, we would of course be deeply grateful.

Please email me with the membership grade you’ve settled on, the name you’d like printed on your membership certificate, and your address. Thank you for your support.

Best wishes,

Mike Buchanan


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Mike Buchanan to plead ‘Not Guilty’ to the charge of obstructing the highway – Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court, 12 October

[Note added 6.10.16: this post was originally published 20.7.16.]

I spent most of today in Westminster Magistrates’ Court. Last Saturday I received a summons to appear in the court at 09:30 today – giving me just two working days to obtain legal advice – in connection with my alleged obstruction of the highway during our anti-MGM protest in Parliament Square on 1 June. A video (14:52) is here, my arrest by a (Kiwi) policeman takes place soon after 13:30.

I registered my presence with the relevant person, and it was immediately clear something was amiss. At 11:30 – two hours after my arrival – I was informed the police / CPS hadn’t submitted any papers. Responding with lightning speed, at 15:30 the papers were made available, and I duly explained I’d be pleading ‘Not Guilty’ at the trial, and went through some tedious related form-filling.

Starting at 16:00 I spent some 10 minutes with the magistrate, the CPS prosecutor, and a legal expert. It surely goes without saying that no apology was forthcoming from the CPS for wasting most of my day.

I shall be representing myself – I’ll be pleading ‘Not Guilty’ – and cross-examining the two police persons (one man, one woman) at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court. The trial will start at 10:00 on 12 October, and there will be spaces for the public to watch events. I hope to see some of you there, please email me ( if you can make it. I need to enter the court by 9:30, but it would be good to meet with supporters outside the court building from 9:00. Thank you for your support.

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The second International Conference on Men’s Issues (London) was a resounding success

10 July 2016 - group shot

The conference finished yesterday, and the overwhelming consensus was that it had been a resounding success. 200 people attended, from 20 countries. All 20 presentations – five of them by women, one by Philip Davies MP (C, Shipley) – were well received, and the attendees greatly enjoyed the social side of the event as well.

Videos of the presentations are on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

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The Fiamengo File, episode #40 – ‘Sons of Feminism’

Excellent, as always (video, 15:25) – and the last video to be filmed or broadcast before the summer.

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Bettina Arndt speaks about domestic violence on Sky News (Australia)

Bettina (‘Tina’) Arndt (67) is an Australian sex therapist, journalist, and clinical psychologist. She’s a very well-known figure in the Australian mainstream media. The people organizing ICMI17 are understandably excited that she’ll be speaking at ICMI17, and if you want to get a sense of why, you should catch this video (21:26) of her speaking about domestic violence – and the demonisation of men generally – broadcast by Sky News (Australia) recently.

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ICMI17, Australia: Mark Latham, former leader of the Australian Labor Party, will speak on the subject, ‘The Myth of White Male Privilege’

The ICMI17 website is still being fleshed out in one or two areas – speaker details and photographs will be added in the coming few days, for example – but one already confirmed talk title is that of Mark Latham, ‘The Myth of White Male Privilege’. The start of his Wikipedia entry:

Mark William Latham (born 28 February 1961) is a former Australian politician who was the leader of the Australian Labor Party and Leader of the Opposition from December 2003 to January 2005. He led the party at the 2004 federal election.

Latham left politics in 2005, after  the incumbent prime minister, John Howard, was re-elected to a fourth term. Latham has since become a prominent political commentator.

A senior person at AVfM yesterday described Latham to me as, ‘the Marmite man of Australian politics – half the country loves him, the other half hates him.’ He sounds like a perfect choice to speak at ICMI17.

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Canada: Student (19) kills her baby and stuffs body in box, court hears. Two-year probation term.

[Note: This blog piece originally stated that the mother was just 14 when she had the baby, because of a paragraph in the newspaper report of 2.12.16 which read:

Courtney Saul, 19, was sentenced to two years’ probation in provincial court in Kamloops.

Saul was a student at Thompson Rivers University when her baby, George Carlos, was born on Dec. 15, 2011.

We now believe the paragraph should have started, ‘Courtney Saul, 24, …’ and will seek clarification from the journalist who wrote the piece.

We mention this because of some comments which reflected our earlier belief that the mother had been just 14 when she gave birth. We apologise for any misunderstanding.]

Our thanks to Norm for this. Excerpts below, my commentary in square brackets:

A mother who drowned her newborn son in a sink before leaving her home to write a university exam has avoided time behind bars, though a judge described her actions as “abhorrent.”

Courtney Saul, 19, was sentenced to two years’ probation in provincial court in Kamloops.

Saul was a student at Thompson Rivers University when her baby, George Carlos, was born on Dec. 15, 2011.

Court heard Saul gave birth alone in the bathroom of a basement suite where she was living.

She held the baby for some time, but she had an exam that day, Crown lawyer Will Burrows said. Because she had the exam, she didn’t know what to do. She finally decided she should drown the baby. She did that in the sink and then she went to her exam….

Saul confessed to police [the baby’s corpse was found in the boot of her car three weeks later, by firefighters, following an accident] and was charged with infanticide. Court heard the charge was stayed a short time later and, in 2015, Saul was charged with second-degree murder.

In August, following a decision from the Supreme Court of Canada earlier this year, Saul’s charges were downgraded back to infanticide.

She told police the pregnancy was the result of a sexual assault. She said she’d passed out at a party and woke up without her clothes on.

She believed someone had sexual intercourse with her while she was unconscious, Burrows said…

[There is no account in the article of any corroboration for her allegation. It could be a pure invention, possibly an invention of her lawyer. How often do we read in cases of women who’ve committed vile crimes, that they’d been abused by men – no evidence being presented for the allegation – thereby receiving leniency? Often, and the alleged abuse – unlike in this case – need not even relate directly to the case in question. How often do we find males receiving leniency for similar reasons? Very rarely.]

Defence lawyer Murray Armstrong noted the circumstances. [Alleged circumstances.]

This is certainly a tragedy in all senses of the word, he said, adding Saul remains troubled by the events but is moving forward.

Nothing is going to change what happened, but certainly now Ms. Saul is not a risk to anybody, he said. [‘certainly’? Five years after the event?] In terms of punishment, there’s no punishment greater than the guilt and remorse she feels. [Would the same extraordinary claim be made for a 19-year-old man who’d killed a newborn baby in cold blood? Certainly not.]

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Free childcare ‘will not help mothers work’

From today’s Times, p.22:

A £1 billion government scheme to double the hours of free childcare for three and four-year-olds will lead to only ‘slightly’ more mothers working, according to a leading think tank.

Next year parents will be entitled to 30 hours of free childcare in term time ‘so that parents [translation: mothers] who want to return to work or work more hours can do so’, according to Justine Greening, the education secretary.

However, the Institute for Fiscal Studies and Essex and Warwick universities found that the change would lead to only a small number of mothers, about 12,000, and no fathers moving into paid work. Their analysis suggested the key impact would be financial, saving parents about £410 a year in childcare fees.

The researchers suggest that the increased hours of free care will simply replace paid-for childcare or informal care, often by grandparents.

Ministers yesterday announced an extra £30 million for nurseries to fund the free hours.

The financials of this puzzle me. 12,000 mothers saving about £410 p.a. amounts to a little under £5 million p.a. Maybe the £30 million is to help nurseries increase their capacity in a range of ways, or perhaps the opening of some new ones. But how does this require ‘a £1 billion governement scheme’?

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New Richmond Park MP Sarah Olney dragged off air by Lib Dem spin doctor after grilling by Julia Hartley-Brewer

Our thanks to Mike H for this. Sarah Olney, a Lib Dem candidate, beat Zac Goldsmith and others to win the Richmond Park by-election. She was interviewed by Julia Hartley-Brewer on talkradio earlier today. Enjoy (4:06).

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Amber Rudd, Home Secretary, hosts forum to end FGM

This press release was published yesterday. An extract:

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said:

FGM is a devastating act of violence that no woman or girl should ever have to suffer. I am proud that this government is taking world-leading action to tackle this horrendous crime, but there is more to do.

We are still yet to see a perpetrator brought to justice and I am determined to see the first successful prosecution for FGM. And most importantly, we need to protect women and girls by preventing acts of FGM before they happen.

The clear commitment shown by the people gathered here today makes me confident that we can wipe out FGM within a generation.

Along with my colleagues, and all those involved in this initiative, I don’t give a rat’s arse about MGM.

I may have added a sentence there, but it was implied, I think.

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Alexandria Vera, 24, Houston-based middle school teacher, accused of sleeping with a 13-year-old student – and becoming pregnant by him – has pleaded guilty

Our thanks to Martin for this. A sad end to a sad tale of sexual abuse of a male minor:

Of course, Vera, who is already a mother to a 4-year-old daughter, had an abortion after Children’s Protective Services questioned her about the relationship.

“Of course”? Surely the baby could have been adopted, at least?

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A Home Office contender for a ‘Most stupid response to a FOI request’ award (in relation to the legality of MGM)

Regular followers of this blog may recall FOI requests we’ve sent to numerous goovernment departments on the issue of MGM, mostly focusing on the demonstrable illegality of it. The responses were invariably full of weasel words and obfuscation, and when Theresa May MP was Home Secretary we had one or two such FOI responses.

We thought it was time for another FOI request, so on 2 November we emailed a letter to her appointed successor, Amber Rudd – here. After spelling out the evidence that MGM is clearly illegal in the UK, the letter ended with this:

My Freedom of Information request consists of the following:

  1. Do you accept that MGM is illegal in the UK? If not, what makes it legal?

2. If you accept MGM is illegal, why are the police not bringing prosecutions?

The deadline for the Home Office to respond to my FOI request was two days ago. In the absence of a response, I emailed them yesterday. This morning I received their response:

Mr Buchanan

Thank you for your enquiry of 1 December about your Freedom of Information request.

Section 8(1)(c) of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 requires that a request for information must describe the information requested. As it stands, your letter does not do this as you are asking for opinion rather than information held by the Home Office. [my emphasis] We are therefore refusing your request because it does not meet the requirements for a request for information under the Act.

The Department of Health leads on the issue of male circumcision. Your letter has been transferred there for an official reply.

Yours sincerely

Crime, Policing and Fire Group

Home Office

2 Marsham Street, London, SW1P 4DF

Once again, and in common with other government departments, the Home Office – with its responsibility for the police – is not claiming that performing MGM is legal. This evening we’ll send another FOI to the Home Office, and one to the Department of Health.

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Tom Utley: Feminists will howl, but women’s brains ARE different from men’s – take their shaky grasp of logic…

Our thanks to Jeff for this piece in today’s Daily Mail, by one of the paper’s best columnists. Is it just me, or is the paper finally being more truthful about gender-related matters, which implies further criticism of feminism and feminists over time? We can but hope so. Feminists and most other Lefties despise the paper anyway, the owners have nothing to lose, and much to gain in terms of higher circulation.

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