Campaigning in Theresa May’s constituency, Maidenhead, Berks.: 17 – 23 December

As we revealed some time ago in the blog piece about our 2020 general election strategy, I’ll be standing against Theresa May in her Maidenhead constituency at the May 2020 general election. One of our key weapons is time. We have three and a half years to engage with the electors of the constituency, and we plan to use that time well.

We’ll be starting with peaceful protests in Maidenhead town centre on Saturday, 17 December, and in the ensuing days we’ll be handing out leaflets to commuters at the train stations in the constituency, and engaging in door-to-door leafleting, ending on Friday, 23 December. The prime theme will be the continuing scandal of the lack of access between children, fathers, and paternal grandparents, following family breakdowns.

I invite you to join us – the more, the merrier – and if you can do so, please email me (mike@j4mb) or call me (07967 026163) with details of when you can join us for any of the activities. Thank you.

If everyone who read this gave us just £1 – or even better, £1 monthly – we could change the world. Click here to make a difference. Thanks.

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An invitation to become a party member

In the wake of the recent highly successful International Conference on Men’s Issues, which we co-hosted with A Voice for Men, we invite people concerned about the assaults on men’s and boys’ human rights to become party members. Monthly subscriptions from party members are the financial lifeblood of our political party.

When J4MB was launched in February 2013, we had no basis for forecasting how well, if at all, we would be received by the general public. At that time, the prevailing public conviction was that feminists pursue gender equality, in stark contrast to what was demonstrably true.

Only a small minority of women are feminists. They seek gender supremacy, regardless of the impact on men, women, boys, girls, families, public institutions, and wider society. They are driven by misandry (the hatred of men). If anyone should doubt the truth of these assertions, we invite them to read our 2015 general election manifesto. It explored 20 areas where the human rights of men and/or boys are assaulted by the actions and inactions of the state, usually to advantage women and/or girls. There are no areas in which the state assaults the human rights of women and/or girls specifically.

The 20 areas are:


Foetal alcohol syndrome

Genital mutilation

Fatherlessness, restoring strong families



Access to children after family breakdowns

Domestic violence

Sexual abuse

Armed Forces veterans’ mental health issues



Criminal justice system

Paternity fraud

Anonymity for suspected sexual offenders


Healthcare provision

Political representation

State interference in director appointments

Expectation of retirement years

The assaults on men and boys are often led or enabled by feminists in influential positions e.g. Theresa May MP (Prime Minister, formerly Home Secretary) and Alison Saunders (Director of Public Prosecutions). Most of the assaults, however, are led by men with no concern for the wellbeing of men and boys as a class.

J4MB is the only political party in the English-speaking world campaigning for the human rights of men and boys on many fronts. We are reliant on party members and donors to cover the party’s costs, and nobody connected with the party draws any personal income from donations.

Supporters (including donors) tell us we can be proud of what we’ve achieved in three and a half years. Donors have sent sums ranging from £2 to £2,000. We’ve had over 100 appearances on mainstream television and radio – here. Countless newspaper, magazine, and blog pieces have been written about us. The tone of the reporting has usually been challenging and often antagonistic, which we expected, but we have also been surprised by the interest we have triggered in some of the most unlikely people, and we can be sure that we have broken the blanket belief that men’s and boys’ issues are either non-existent, or unimportant. The comments streams following online articles have been very supportive of J4MB and what we’re seeking to achieve.

Our long-term strategy is to challenge the party in power (or parties, in the event of a coalition) because only they have the power to reverse anti-male legislation and policy directions.

We’re working towards the 2020 general election, in which we’ll field candidates in Conservatives seats. In coalition with the Liberal Democrats from 2010, and in sole power from 2015, the Conservatives have been no less anti-male than the Labour party, in some areas going even further than the Labour administrations of 1997-2010.

We’re going to raise our game in a number of areas, which will require a stronger financial base. We wish to increase our membership base in order to meet increasing campaigning costs, and to help build a ‘fighting fund’ for the 2020 general election.

We invite you to become a party member. It’s the most efficient way to demonstrate your support of our work, reducing the need for the periodic appeals upon which we relied in the past. It will also free up valuable time for political campaigning, which would otherwise be spent on fundraising.

We’ve established a range of membership grades, ranging from monthly sums of £5.00 (16 pence per day) to £100.00 (£3.28 per day):

Membership grade                  Monthly donation                   

Bronze                                                        £5.00

Silver                                                          £10.00

Gold                                                            £25.00

Platinum                                                    £50.00

Diamond                                                    £100.00

Members will receive a signed membership certificate, one of the A3 leaflets we were distributing during the 2015 general election – the window poster element is here – and two individually numbered silicone wristbands.

We’d prefer you set up a Standing Order payable directly into the J4MB account, thereby ensuring the full sum of your donations go to J4MB. Our account details:

Account name: Justice for Men & Boys

Sort code: 309054

Account number: 54880968

IBAN: GB08LOYD30905454880968


Monthly donations can be set up through PayPal, although (small) commissions are taken from donations made that way:

If you want to put in place a regular donation of another amount, we would of course be deeply grateful.

Please email me with the membership grade you’ve settled on, the name you’d like printed on your membership certificate, and your address. Thank you for your support.

Best wishes,

Mike Buchanan


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Mike Buchanan to plead ‘Not Guilty’ to the charge of obstructing the highway – Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court, 12 October

[Note added 6.10.16: this post was originally published 20.7.16.]

I spent most of today in Westminster Magistrates’ Court. Last Saturday I received a summons to appear in the court at 09:30 today – giving me just two working days to obtain legal advice – in connection with my alleged obstruction of the highway during our anti-MGM protest in Parliament Square on 1 June. A video (14:52) is here, my arrest by a (Kiwi) policeman takes place soon after 13:30.

I registered my presence with the relevant person, and it was immediately clear something was amiss. At 11:30 – two hours after my arrival – I was informed the police / CPS hadn’t submitted any papers. Responding with lightning speed, at 15:30 the papers were made available, and I duly explained I’d be pleading ‘Not Guilty’ at the trial, and went through some tedious related form-filling.

Starting at 16:00 I spent some 10 minutes with the magistrate, the CPS prosecutor, and a legal expert. It surely goes without saying that no apology was forthcoming from the CPS for wasting most of my day.

I shall be representing myself – I’ll be pleading ‘Not Guilty’ – and cross-examining the two police persons (one man, one woman) at Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court. The trial will start at 10:00 on 12 October, and there will be spaces for the public to watch events. I hope to see some of you there, please email me ( if you can make it. I need to enter the court by 9:30, but it would be good to meet with supporters outside the court building from 9:00. Thank you for your support.

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The second International Conference on Men’s Issues (London) was a resounding success

10 July 2016 - group shot

The conference finished yesterday, and the overwhelming consensus was that it had been a resounding success. 200 people attended, from 20 countries. All 20 presentations – five of them by women, one by Philip Davies MP (C, Shipley) – were well received, and the attendees greatly enjoyed the social side of the event as well.

Videos of the presentations are on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

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New study will research men forced by women to penetrate them

In our 2015 general election manifesto one of the 20 topics we covered was sexual abuse. It was the longest section in the entire 80-page-long manifesto. The start of the Background in this section:

It will come as a surprise to many, but women are responsible for a substantial proportion of sexual offences, including sexual abuses of children. A website [ref. 116] concerned with female sex offenders has a bibliography [ref. 117] of over 900 academic studies, articles, and books on the subject, dating back to 1857.

People struggle to recognize women as perpetrators of sexual and non-sexual violence, in spite of the weight of evidence showing them to be frequent perpetrators of both. This is because we live in a culture which regards men as ‘actors’ and women as ‘acted upon’. The public has become conditioned to viewing men as perpetrators, and women as victims. Alison Tieman, a Canadian men’s human rights advocate, produced an insightful short video on this matter. [ref.118]

This culture leads to inequalities. Few women are held accountable for sex offences, including those women who sexually abuse children. It’s known from a major American survey (details below) that slightly over 25% of sex offences are committed by women against men (with no male accomplices). We would therefore expect the male/female ratio of people charged with sex offences to be a little under 3:1. In the UK, in 2013, the ratio was 146:1. [my emphasis]

(In the PDF of the manifesto, you can click on hyperlinks to get straight to the materials in question. For reasons I won’t bother you with, the final link in the above extract no longer works, but you can access Alison Tieman’s video here.)

This leads me to an interesting new piece by Toy Soldier. We look forward to the publication of Dr Siobhan Weare’s study into men who are forced by women to penetrate them, an issue we covered in the aforementioned section of our 2015 election manifesto.

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Mirthless ninnies as dull as a platform Tannoy at Crewe: Quentin Letts on the monthly second XI fixture that is questions to the Equalities Ministry

Our thanks to Jeff for pointing us to this gem by Quentin Letts.

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Belinda Brown: At last, a group that puts men and boys first

A deeply disappointing piece about the feminist-compliant Men and Boys Coalition on The Conservative Woman website. I’ve left a lengthy comment, and invite you to comment too. One of Belinda’s replies to a commenter:

I think inclusivity of the female and feminist perspective and dialogue with them is very important to the fact some of their founding members describe themselves as committed feminists so I really don’t think that it will become anti-female or anti-feminist.

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BBC 3 Counties Radio – MGM

I’m about to be interviewed by Jonathan Vernon-Smith on BBC 3 Counties Radio in relation to the Danish Medical Association saying boys shouldn’t be circumcised until they’re old enough to choose for themselves. I invite you to contribute to the phone-in – 03459 455555 – lines will be open until 11:00. Thanks.

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BBC Radio 4: The Male Room (three manginas and Kate Smurfwit)

We’ve just published this (audio, 27:46) and recommend you read the brief description, with some background and commentary, first.

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Doctors in Denmark want to stop circumcision for under-18s… but not enough to stop it.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to be interviewed by a radio station in connection with this. The piece in today’s Independent starts off encouragingly:

Boys should not be circumcised until they are old enough to choose for themselves, doctors in Denmark have said.

The Danish Medical Association said it had considered suggesting a legal ban on the procedure for children under the age of 18, because it believed circumcision should be “an informed, personal choice” that young men make for themselves.

When parents have their sons circumcised, it robs boys of the ability to make decisions about their own bodies, and choose their cultural and religious beliefs for themselves, the organisation said.

… but then descends into this:

The doctors stopped short of calling for an all-out legal ban on the procedure, which is currently allowed but remains relatively rare in Denmark, because it said the move could have too many negative consequences.

“We have discussed it thoroughly, also in our ethics committee,” Ms  Møller said. “We came to the conclusion that it is difficult to predict the consequences of a ban – both for the involved boys, who could for example face bullying or unauthorised procedures with complications – and for the cultural and religious groups they belong to.”

The end of the article:

Past polls have shown that upwards of 87 per cent of Danes support banning the practice on boys under the age of 18, the Local reported.

Without a legal ban, nothing will change, and the wishes of 87 per cent of Danes will count for nothing. One consequence of a legal ban which is easy to predict, would be an end to the physical and psychological harm caused to male minors by the unnecessary procedure. I despair of the medical profession in the area of MGM, in the UK and elsewhere. Whatever came of the Hippocratic oath, ‘First, do no harm’?

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Are feminists sociopaths? You decide…

Our thanks to Jeff for this.

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Good news: Hayley Carter, 23-year-old liar, jailed for a year. Bad news: her lies had led to an innocent man spending five months behind bars, awaiting trial

Our thanks to FP for this piece in the Metro. The start of the piece:

A woman has been jailed for a year after lying to police – and causing an innocent man to spend five months behind bars.

Hayley Carter’s lies were revealed when a friend filmed her at a New Year’s Eve party admitting the man she had helped to incriminate was innocent.

Pretty 23-year-old Carter, a switchboard operator, made a police statement which led to a man being charged with possessing a stolen shotgun and with handling stolen property in Crawley, West Sussex.

The fake statement also caused the Crown Prosecution Service to drop a case against another suspect.

Carter’s lies were exposed at the innocent man’s trial last year – where she failed to appear as a witness…

Carter was first given an 18-month community order which included 240 hours of unpaid community work and a £1,500 fine.

But the Court of Appeal decided Carter’s sentence was unduly lenient and she will instead face a year in prison.

At the end of the piece, some comedy (in the final paragraph):

Sussex Police’s Detective Sergeant Jon Robeson said: ‘Carter’s action caused a man to be in prison for five months awaiting trial, and also had the effect of causing the original case against the first man to be called into question so that it had to be withdrawn.’

He added: ‘The sentence sends the message that attempts to pervert the course of justice are taken very seriously and that people who make false statements to the police – and to the courts – must expect to face justice themselves.’

Holding women to account for perverting the course of justice is so vanishingly rare, that I doubt this case will even register with all the women who know they are above the law, simply on the grounds of their sex.

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Cowards from the Revolutionary Student Movement protest against a screening of The Red Pill at Ottawa City Hall

A tip of the hat to Steve Brule for this (video, 10:43), filmed two days ago. Steve nails it when he calls the students cowards for wearing face masks. One of the RSM banners consists of the words, ‘Long Live Proletarian Feminism’, another has a hammer and sickle symbol. The geniuses indulge in two-line chants, the trademark of low-IQ protesters the world over, including:

Racist, sexist, anti-gay,
MRA, go away!

Needless to say, the spokesman for the group hasn’t even see the film about which the group is protesting.

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The Male Room – just when you thought the BBC couldn’t get worse…

Our thanks to Paul for alerting us to a programme that’s just started on BBC Radio 4, The Male Room. There will be three 30-minute long episodes, starting at 23:00 on Mondays:

Tonight – The Inadequacy Edition

Olly Mann and guests tackle male feelings of inadequacy.

12 December – The Angry Edition

Olly Mann and guests explore anger – repressed and explicit.

19 December – The Heroic Edition

Late-night discussion featuring the conversations men do not often have on air.

I’m listening ‘live’ to the first episode, and it’s even worse than I was expecting. Within a few minutes of the start of the programme the words ‘feelings’ and ’emotions’ must have been uttered 10+ times, ‘vulnerability’ and ‘patriarchy’ several times, likewise ‘toxic masculinity’. We’ve already heard from two manginas – one is looking forward to becoming a ‘house husband’, his wife earns a lot more than him – and Kate Smurfwit, Lying Feminist of the Month, a feminist ‘comedian’ (i.e. reliably unfunny), apparently an expert on men’s issues. He then meets men at the feminist-compliant Being a Mangina Festival.

The presenter is Olly Mann – second from the left in the photo above – a mangina with a surely bright future at the BBC if he carries on like this.

So, a mangina presenter, two mangina studio guests, and a feminist ‘comedian’ – BBC ideological balance at its finest.

We’ll post all three programmes on our YouTube channel in due course.

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