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Detroit conference – video of Karen Straughan (GirlWritesWhat)

I asked plenty of people in Detroit how they’d first learned of the men’s human rights movement and AVfM, and a clear majority said the videos of Karen Straughan had led them to one or both. We had a number of … Continue reading

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Detroit: press conference

Last Thursday afternoon the Detroit event’s press conference took place, the day before the main conference started. The lengthy video is here. I was introduced by Paul Elam, founder and publisher of AVfM, at 1:36:40, and my initial contribution ends … Continue reading

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UK General Election 2015: J4MB website ‘hits’ in June almost as high as those of the Conservatives and the SNP, and higher than those of the Lib Dems and the Green Party

I’ve just returned from the Detroit conference – the first ever international conference on men’s issues – and I’m pleased to say it exceeded my wildest expectations. Everyone I spoke to was really upbeat about it all, and there will … Continue reading

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Detroit, here we come!

The Detroit conference is imminent, and this will be the last post before the office re-opens at 09:00 on Tuesday, 1 July. Tomorrow morning I’ll be flying from Gatwick to Detroit, thanks to the generous people who’ve supported our fundraiser and made the trip possible. … Continue reading

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Dran Ward’s 5-star review of Laura Bates’s book

I’ve spent more than enough time contributing to ‘discussions’ on Amazon following their page on Laura Bates’s book Everyday Sexism, but I’m thankful to Charlotte for drawing my attention to a 5-star review of the book, posted yesterday by Dran Ward: … Continue reading

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Second appearance on London Live TV

I’m just putting the final touches to the speech I’ll be giving later this week, at the Detroit conference. Yesterday AVfM published a piece on my recent second appearance on London Live TV. The link to the video and associated … Continue reading

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More men than women die as a consequence of domestic violence

It’s often claimed by feminists that it’s reasonable that the vast majority of places in refuges are allocated to women only, because more women than men are killed by partners and ex-partners. We hear nothing of suicides provoked by being … Continue reading

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Kathy Gyngell: Western feminist outrage does not extend to dead Nigerian boys

Another excellent article by Kathy Gyngell for the website she co-edits, The Conservative Woman.

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Herbert Purdy comments on the James Delingpole v Yasmin Alibhai-Brown video

Last night we posted a piece with a link to James Delingpole challenging the odious feminist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown on Channel 4 News. Our thanks to Herbert for this: “Thank god we are now seeing men with humour, clear minds, and great … Continue reading

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James Delingpole v Yasmin Alibhai-Brown

Life doesn’t get much better than this, our thanks to George for pointing us towards the piece. It’s the second of two spirited challenges of a truly odious feminist whine merchant, Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, by the Spectator columnists Rod Liddle and James Delingpole, on … Continue reading

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