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Mike Buchanan’s discussions on London Live TV, 22 August

[Note added 1.9.14: This video has just been posted on A Voice for Men.] Nine days ago I was involved in four discussions over the course of six hours at London Live TV. One of the shorter ones has been … Continue reading

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Feminists – what you do

Just caught this on Janet Bloomfield’s blog. Possible new images for our ‘Whiny Feminist of the Month’ awards?

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Herbert Purdy: ‘Rotherham: Girls need fathers. Hello?’

This must surely rank as one of the most powerful and insightful pieces we’ve read in a long time. Needless to say, the mainstream media haven’t commented on the absence of families in these girls’ and young women’s lives.

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Jo Swinson MP – Whiny Feminist of the Month

Female Labour and Lib Dem MPs are among the whiniest feminists in the UK – in the world, come to that – and in recent times we’ve presented awards to several of them: Yvette Cooper, Gloria De Piero, and of … Continue reading

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Leniency shown towards women – suspended prison sentences

We’ve been submitting Freedom of Information requests to various government departments, as part of our work developing the election manifesto. Yesterday we received this response to a FoI request we sent to the Ministry of Justice. Parts have been redacted by … Continue reading

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Jessica Valenti: Gormless Feminist of the Month

Jessica Valenti is a member of the coven of Guardian feminist ‘journalists’, and a worthy winner of this month’s Gormless Feminist of the Month award.

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Terrence Popp’s presentation at the Detroit conference

Terrence Popp is a remarkable American, a distinguished war veteran, and we’re admirers of the videos he posts on his channel, Redonkulas. We had a number of email exchanges in the months before the conference, and I was pleased to meet … Continue reading

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Lying Feminist of the Month – Roz Hardie, CEO of OBJECT, a feminist campaign organisation

[Note added 29.8.14: This piece has just been published by A Voice for Men – here.] Last Friday morning I had three short discussions with Roz Hardie, CEO of the feminist organisation OBJECT, on London Live TV. In the next … Continue reading

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An Iranian man in London is trying to stop his wife having their baby son circumcised

A very moving story on one of Glen Poole’s websites.

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Feminists are stupid. Throw facts at them.

A year or two ago there was a justifiable campaign against Amazon and other retailers selling products (e.g. T-shirts) bearing the logo, ‘Boys are stupid: throw rocks at them’. The good people at AVfM are selling T-shirts with the logo, … Continue reading

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