Women work 39 days a year more than men, idiotic ‘study’ claims

More BS from the BBC. According to a World Economic Forum ‘study’, women in the UK ‘work’ an average of 15 minutes per day more than men. This palpably ridiculous conclusion requires that ‘unpaid work’ be included, presumably including hatchet-faced feminists listening to Woman Sour or watching Loose Women. Life is too short to track down the report, but I’d be surprised if commuting isn’t excluded, because men do much more of it than women.

As a rule of thumb, work that is unpaid is more interesting and rewarding (other than financially) than paid work. I should know, as someone who’s done around seven years of unpaid work up to the present day. Maybe you could throw a pound or two in my direction, by buying one or more of my books.

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About Mike Buchanan

I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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12 Responses to Women work 39 days a year more than men, idiotic ‘study’ claims

  1. sanity2014 says:

    Kind of hard to believe, considering women manage to take 50% more sick leave than men at the same time.. weird science indeed !!


    • cheannaich says:

      I spent most of my working life in a male only environment, I now regard it as those bygone golden years. When I returned to the UK I worked in a variety of mix sex jobs. Sheer hell. The more female it was the less got accomplished and the more females seemed to slope off or go sick for months.
      We had more than our share of shirkers and lead swingers in the male only environment but they were rank amateurs when compared with what females pulled. I have to admit that there were some very dedicated and hard working females but the entire cohesion/morale of the work unit just disintegrated, especially in the public sector.

  2. Lies. All lies. Again!
    How come men don’t lie like this to try and get ahead by deception?
    Why is it only toxic feminist liars who lie so much?

  3. boggojones says:

    “Although men do 34% more paid work than women, women still spend more of their time on unpaid work such as housework, childcare and care for older people.” Unpaid? Do these women not get any money out of their husbands? Getting their hands on their partner’s hard-earned cash is a major income stream for women. True, there’s nothing in law that directly regulates it, but there is “financial abuse” legislation, which is one way of getting the cash without having to put up with the man.

  4. sanity2014 says:

    I think it is becoming increasingly clear that not only feminists, but even regular women are a pain to work with. I know this from my own experience: when I worked in an office with 1 male colleague and 8 female ones, the women always waited for the two of us to install the new full water dispenser bottle on the stand. Perhaps that would be all right if the women offered to make a cup of coffee for us once in a while, but they never did.. Yet they expected us do the water change automatically. I would have preferred working with men only who do not avoid doing their fair share of duties.. I do not mind helping a woman on occasion with heavy luggage on a train or a bus somewhere, but I do mind doing their job for them in the workplace on a regular basis. There is a clear difference. I am not willing to be the ‘workplace gentleman’.

  5. No reference to commuting. Travel related to household activities is included, though.

    Page 75.
    • Average minutes spent on work per day (female, male) and Proportion of work spent on unpaid
    work per day (female, male): Source is the OECD’s Database on Gender Equality, 2014, or
    latest available data (accessed September 2016). Measures the average minutes spent per day on unpaid work, including routine housework, shopping, care for household members, care for non-household members volunteering, travel related to household activities and other unpaid activities for men and women aged 15–64 years.

    • Luis, many thanks, well spotted. How many journalists globally will check into the details of the idiotic report? My guess is none. Can I do a short blog piece crediting you as the person tracking this down? Can I please have the URL of the report?

      • Brian Bates says:

        The report elaborates further on page 31. I particularly enjoyed the graph on page 32, simply because the axes have been tweaked so shamelessly to present the gender disparity in favour of women. I assume the rationale for including travel connected to unpaid work is that this can be considered ‘work’ in itself (such as dropping the kids off at school), but including this is sloppy at best and, at worst, mendacious.

        The data used, if anyone is interested, appear to be these: http://stats.oecd.org/index.aspx?queryid=54757
        I wanted further details of the methodology, but haven’t managed to find any. So much for transparency. I also tried to find a breakdown of hours of paid and unpaid work for child labourers – which I think is a more salient issue, since children are unable to make their own life choices – but UNICEF’s data on child labour conveniently present the numbers of children of each sex who work rather than the number of hours they spend doing so. This makes it look like girls and boys worldwide have an almost equal economic workload, which seems dubious. In contrast, the WEF links to this publication, which positively screams that girls worldwide do 30-50% more household chores than boys:

        Mike, the WEF report is here:
        Props, of course, to Luis for digging it out first.

      • Thanks Brian. From memory, I can’t recall a journalist anywhere in thee world ever debunkinbg such stupid reports, which are invariably so dumb you suspect involvement of The Fawcett Society. The Times today carried an idiotic piece on the gender pay gap, written by a man.

  6. Alf Pearson says:

    This is the latest version of the report we have all seen before that counts inequality that favours women as equality, and lower life expectancy for men as equality. They don’t even try to hide it:
    “As a second step, these ratios are truncated at the
    “equality benchmark.” For all indicators, except the two
    health indicators, this equality benchmark is considered to
    be 1, meaning equal numbers of women and men. In the
    case of the sex ratio at birth, the equality benchmark is set
    at 0.944. and the healthy life expectancy benchmark is set
    at 1.06. Truncating the data at the equality benchmarks
    for each assigns the same score to a country that has
    reached parity between women and men and one where
    women have surpassed men.”

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