About Mike Buchanan

Mike Buchanan is a men’s human rights advocate, writer, and publisher.

Mike was a business executive until he took early retirement in 2010, at the age of 52. He launched two campaigns in 2012, The Anti-Feminism League and Campaign for Merit in Business. He’s the leader of a political party registered in February 2013, Justice for men & boys (and the women who love them) – J4MB – which will contest three adjacent highly marginal seats near Nottingham in the May 2015 general election. Mike will stand in Ashfield, which Gloria De Piero (Shadow Minister for Women & Equalities) retained for Labour with only 192 votes more than a Lib Dem rival in 2010. Ray Barry – the leader of Equal Parenting Alliance, as well as Real Fathers for Justice – will stand in Broxtowe, while Ian Young, a survivor of domestic violence, will stand in Sherwood.

Mike has committed to working full-time for J4MB – as party leader, or in another capacity – until at least the 2030 general election, at which point he’ll be 72.

The world’s first international conference on men’s issues was held in Detroit in June 2014. The conference was a huge success, and Mike was one of the speakers. A video of his speech, and the associated transcript, can be accessed here.

J4MB seeks to raise public consciousness about the disadvantages and discriminations faced by men and boys in modern Britain, which are the result of the state’s actions and inactions. The proposed name of the party, and some of the thinking behind launching a political party, were exclusively revealed in Mike’s article published by A Voice for Men, the world’s most-visited and most influential men’s human rights advocacy website. By October 2014 AVfM had published over 50 of Mike’s articles, and they’re available here.

Mike was a business executive and consultant for 30 years, one of his clients having been the Conservative party (2006-8). In the autumn of 2009 he cancelled his party membership when David Cameron announced his intention to introduce all-women prospective parliamentary candidate shortlists.

Mike’s nine books are available to order worldwide through the usual channels and through his publishing website. If ordered through his website, the books will be signed and dedicated (upon request).

Mike’s last three books have been concerned with gender-related matters:

David and Goliatha: David Cameron – heir to Harman? (2010)

The Glass Ceiling Delusion: the REAL reasons more women don’t reach senior positions (2011)

Feminism: the ugly truth (2012)

The Glass Ceiling Delusion has received numerous testimonials including the following:

Equality of opportunity is a fine thing but equality of outcome is another matter entirely. There is little doubt that men and women have, on average, different talents and interests that make gender quotas in the workplace unfair and impractical. The Glass Ceiling Delusion is a welcome, well-argued addition to the debate about whether women should be pushed up the social ladder just because they are women, and thus at a presumed disadvantage. This is rather an insult to women and Margaret Thatcher, for one, would not have agreed. Individuals should be treated as individuals, not as members of a particular race, class or gender. Whatever the historic injustices, this is the only way that social structures can evolve naturally.

Glenn Wilson Visiting Professor of Psychology, Gresham College, London

The Glass Ceiling Delusion attacks head-on the militant feminist myth that men and women have the same interests and capabilities. Reviewing a wide range of evidence, Mike Buchanan shows that the under-representation of women in senior positions in business has nothing to do with discrimination and ‘glass ceilings’, and that attempts to impose quotas are therefore fundamentally flawed. A polemical book with an important message.

Peter Saunders Emeritus Professor of Sociology, Sussex University

The Glass Ceiling Delusion makes a significant counter-argument to the debate about women in boardrooms, and for this reason alone it deserves to be read. Whilst I’m personally too old to enter the fray, I’d nonetheless like to add that every scholarly study I’ve read about women in management during the past fifteen years indicates that successful women have exactly the same characteristics as successful men. All my life I’ve admired successful women as much as successful men and have had the privilege of working for and with many of them. A typical example is the brilliant Diane Thompson of the Camelot Group. Another is Professor Lynette Ryals, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of my own University. Women like this get to the top on sheer talent; they have no need of a ‘gender agenda’.

In this debate, however, we also need to be aware that we need pressure groups to ameliorate deep-seated prejudices in society, but a point is inevitably reached beyond which we must let meritocracy in a free society take over, otherwise we enter the dangerous domain of social engineering. The irony is that Mike Buchanan’s own movement, Campaign for Merit in Business, is also a pressure group. So, whilst I don’t agree with everything he says and does, I believe his book at least deserves to be read and seriously considered, preferably dispassionately.

Malcolm McDonald Emeritus Professor, Cranfield School of Management

The Glass Ceiling Delusion demythologizes each of thirty elements the author has identified of the now generally accepted claim that women are discriminated against in the world of white-collar work. Much has been accomplished recently in disclosing the half-truths about women and domestic violence, for example, but Buchanan illuminates an area that other critics of ideological feminism have not considered. Buchanan’s analysis is based partly on his experience of working as an executive for major British and American multinational corporations for over 30 years until 2010. His book should inspire research on settings of corporate power everywhere. Always witty and sometimes even biting in style, Buchanan’s text is grounded in important texts in psychobiology, sociology, history and politics. It is an impassioned yet not angry argument that deserves the careful attention of policy-makers and a general readership.

Professor Miles Groth PhD Editor, New Male Studies: An International Journal

The Glass Ceiling Delusion is an important and brave book, the best book on social economics and society in general published for decades. It’s irresistibly compelling, cogently argues and superbly put together. It should be in all school and college libraries. It should be compulsory reading for social science, economics and politics students. It should be force-fed to male and female politicians. This is definitely a five-star book. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.

Dr Vernon Coleman bestselling English author

Mike operates three blogs in addition to this one. Campaign for Merit in Business is concerned with the need for merit to be the sole basis for recruitment and promotion in the workplace, in opposition to the initiatives which seek ‘improved’ gender diversity in senior executive positions, including in boardrooms, regardless of individual women’s merit compared with their male peers, and regardless of the evidence showing that one consequence of increasing up the proportion of women on corporate boards is financial decline. Those initiatives are an assault on the principle of meritocracy in business, they’re inspired and sustained by radical feminist ideology, yet they’re supported and largely financed by the current Conservative-led coalition.

Another blog, that of The Anti-Feminism League, isn’t being updated (as of September 2013) as all new posts will be on this website and/or that of Campaign for Merit in Business.

The Alternative Sexism Project is dedicated to highlighting the sexism experienced by men and boys, which causes far more grievous harm than the sexism experienced by women and girls.

Mike supports writers with the ambition to write books about men’s issues and feminism. Feel free to contact him at any time. His email address is mike@j4mb.org.uk and his phone number 07967 026163.

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  2. Well done in the Lions Den this Morning, three ranting feminists and a she-man; pandering to their 98% female audience; supported by the feminist management of itv! You got through to a few men, I for one will fight with you.

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