Public challenges of feminists (and their male collaborators)

We’re sometimes asked if we’ve ever had any substantive responses to the many public challenges we’ve issued to feminists, and their male collaborators. No, we haven’t, with the sole exception of one from Vera Baird, although we still haven’t received a response to the note we sent her in January 2014.

These people are utterly shameless in their contempt for truth while they pursue feminist agendas. Here’s a small selection from our challenges, in reverse chronological order:

Alun Michael Police and Crime Commissioner, South Wales

Leighton Andrews AM Minister for Public Services, National Assembly for Wales

Kate Smurthwaite Feminist ‘comedienne’

Vera Baird QC Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria (second challenge)

Gloria de Piero MP Shadow Minister for Women & Equalities

Laura Bates Whine merchant (second challenge)

Mark Carney Governor, Bank of England

Theresa May MP Home Secretary

Laura Bates Whine merchant

[Note added 27.9.14: the evidence base behind our assertion that Laura Bates was lying – a lie she brazenly repeated in September 2014 in a BBC debate – is here.]

Eleri Butler Chief Executive, Welsh Women’s Aid

Sandra Horley Chief Executive, Refuge

Roz Hardie CEO of OBJECT, a feminist campaigning organisation

David Futrelle American feminist, critic of men’s human rights advocates

Polly Neate CEO, Women’s Aid

Clean Break Theatre company

Laurie Penny Gender feminist ‘journalist’

Dickie James Board member, Women’s Aid

Laura Carstensen Commissioner, Equality & Human Rights Commission

Vince Cable MP Business Secretary

Julie Bindel Gender feminist campaigner and journalist

Professor Sarah Niblock Head of Journalism, Brunel University

Vera Baird QC Police and Crime Commissioner for Northumbria

Ms Baird responded to our challenge, and we replied 11.1.14 with a number of comments and questions. The exchange of emails is here.

If and when we ever hear back from Ms Baird, we’ll post her response.

Professor Susan Vinnicombe Head of the Cranfield International Centre for Women Leaders

Ellie Slee Contributor to The Huffington Post, ‘Whiny Woman of the Month’ award winner

Toby Granville Group Editor of The Dorset Echo

Dr Henrietta O’Connor and Dr John Goodwin Leicester University

Dr Jude Browne Director of Gender Studies, Cambridge University

Janet Street-Porter Feminist ‘journalist’, ‘Harpy’ award winner

Debbie White CEO of Sodexo (UK & Ireland)

The background to the challenge of Debbie White is here.

The CEO of Sodexo, a multinational with its headquarters in France, is Michel Landel. He’s a director of Catalyst Inc., a New York-based feminist organisation campaigning internationally for more women on boards. Our article on the matter is here.

Charlotte Sweeney Reviewer of the voluntary code of conduct of executive search firms

Nick Baveystock Director general of the Institution of Civil Engineers

Caroline Criado-Perez Whine merchant, ‘Lying Woman of the Month’ (May 2014)

Dr Petra Wilton Director of Policy, Chartered Management Institute

Amina Women’s Project Birmingham-based feminist group

Kat Banyard Gender feminist campaigner, inaugural ‘Lying Woman of the Month’

Sir Roger Carr Chairman of Centrica, former president of the CBI, founder member of The 30% Club, ‘Toady’ award winner

Helena Morrissey CEO of Newton Investment Management, founder of The 30% Club

Professor Rita Marcella Aberdeen Business School

Fiona Hall MEP

Ilene Lang President and CEO of Catalyst

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